Camp Pondo exists to create a unique space to encounter Jesus and it’s our privilege to pave the way for these encounters to happen.

In order to do that we must remove distractions so that Camp Pondo remains a safe space, where bonds can be built, walls can come down, and crazy fun leads to transformational moments. A good foundation and solid structure is key to a safe, fun, and distraction free environment.

That is why we we are hoping to raise $200,000 by the end of this year to go towards 4 main projects to help repair some key infrastructure pieces to Pondo.

Tube Run Winch System | $10,000
The hill up to the top tube run is a beast to tackle, and we want to create a way for anyone, no matter their physical ability, to ride the tube run. By installing a winch system this will allow anyone to be able to ride to the top of the tube run.
Updating AVL in Lodge | $15,000
These production improvements will remove the distraction of glitchy moments during chapels and will help campers stay present during teaching and worship and pave the way for those encounters with Jesus.
Resurfacing the Pool | $79,000
Our Pool is a much loved feature and takes a lot of care to maintain and keep it safe for all our campers. Resurfacing the pool will help keep it safe for hundreds of campers to enjoy in future seasons!
Paving the Road | $96,000
We need to be able to plow the roads and keep busses, and all vehicles safe, not only during Winter Camp, but year-round. 


Altogether these 4 projects will cost about $200,000. Would you join us in removing distractions and paving the way for more unique encounters with Jesus? God has some big things stirring in our hearts for the future of Camp Pondo, but in order to get to the more, we have to steward the now!