Help us keep the fun stuff free!
Thousands of students come to pondo every year!

These students are invited to leave the pressures, turmoil, and stress behind in exchange for a place where they’re allowed to be kids and enjoy incredible experiences like our zipline, big swing, and other crazy fun experiences. Most camps charge extra per student for these bigger activities, but not at Pondo. With over 40% of campers batting chronic depression/anxiety, every moment of fun they have is a breakthrough. More importantly, this is where trust is built, barriers are broken, and students become more open to experience the gospel when they hear it. Join the Big Red Chair Club to help us keep the fun stuff free at Camp Pondo!

What is the Big Red Chair Club?

Over 60% of our campers could not come to camp without financial aid. That means adding any costs keeps campers from these unforgettable experiences, and an opportunity to encounter Jesus. We’ve seen how our free activities pave the way for spiritual breakthrough by building friendships and trust while breaking down barriers, which is why we want to keep them FREE for campers through the Big Red Chair Club. 

Why Give Monthly?

Every year between winter and summer camps, we hit a financial lull, which makes every gift of the Big Red Chair Club a blessing. Your donations allow us to plan and provide all the crazy fun at Camp Pondo. 

“In between canon balls in the pool, swinging down a zip line and shooting paintball guns at my friends, I made radical life-altering decisions about my faith that shaped my future as a camper at Camp Pondo. I now give to the Big Chair Club because I am certain every dollar is an eternal investment in the future of hundreds of young people. There is a future pastor, faithful husband, and powerful father out there who doesn’t know it yet — but will hear it from God at Pondo after a long day of tubing down a snow covered slope. I will gladly give to make that a reality.”

 – Nathan N.

How to Join the Big Red Chair Club

  1. Choose a monthly giving amount
  2. Set up your billing
  3. Enjoy your Big Red Chair Club member perks! 

We’re constantly dreaming up super exclusive perks for our members, throughout the year you’ll receive: 

  • A surprise Pondo gift in the mail
  • Member exclusive opportunities
  • Exclusive updates from Dan & Becky
  • Early sign-up access to events at Pondo

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