Thousands of Students
come to pondo every year!

These students are given the space away from their normal routines, pressures, and distractions to simply seek God. Camp Pondo exists to create a unique space for encounters with Jesus—a space where the restoring power of the gospel is center stage, a space where we have the kind of crazy fun that builds bonds, a space where students open up, ask the hard questions, share their stories, and build community.

What is the Big Red Chair Club?

The Big Red Chair Club is a united group with unique impact made up of monthly givers who partner with Pondo’s ministry in ongoing financial and prayer support, while being honored as a valuable partners on the ongoing work of Pondo!

The Big Red Chair Club will be directly invested in creating an unforgettable, all-inclusive camp experience, a space designed for moments of connection that create paths of transformation.

Why Give Monthly?

Here at Pondo we have all-inclusive programing and activities, meaning campers do not have to pay extra for anything, however, by providing these things at no additional cost…

…Camp Pondo experiences a deficit each year of $185,000 between our Winter and Summer camp seasons.

That deficit is felt all year long, with the many practical needs and expenses that occur every month in order to keep Camp Pondo’s ministry growing, running well, and remaining affordable.

That is why our monthly giving team are GAME CHANGERS! By coming alongside us with consistent, month to month support, you not only help elevate the camp experience, but also contribute to the fortified and consistent health of this ministry.

Join The Big Red Chair Club Today!

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us to create a camp experience where students can come sit in the presence of Jesus in a space uniquely designed to pave the way for moments of connection that create paths of transformation?

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