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Cobie Delfs

Cobie Delfs is the Next Gen Pastor at Crosspointe Anaheim.

Runks Runkles

Runks was a Youth Minister for 7 years and in 1998 began traveling the country sharing the Gospel to teenagers, college students, and adults. He holds a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Runks is a master at communicating the Gospel with clarity, relevance, and depth. His passion for the Gospel, knowledge of the Word of God, and off the charts energy will inspire your students to love, follow, and share Jesus!

Erica Rodriguez is an incredibly gifted speaker who has traveled the world to help those who are marginalized and in need. Shaped through her own trials and circumstances, her mission is to empower and equip others to find beauty and purpose in their brokenness. She currently works for the organization, “Rescue a Generation,” as director of Donor Development.

Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez is the founder and CEO of Rescue a Generation Inc., a non-profit that focuses on reaching students who are struggling in school due to behavior, suspensions, and family issues. Growing up in the inner city, Jose was faced with many of the same challenges that students are faced with today. His story is one that many can relate to and is a story of a complete turnaround.

Neal Benson

Neal Benson grew up in Big Bear Lake. After High School he moved to San Diego & surrendered his life to Christ. For the last 17 years he has served the local church in a variety of roles & has always kept a passion for investing in young people. Neal lives in Ventura, with his wife & their 3 children, where he is the Lead Pastor at Coastline Bible Church. In his free time he enjoys fishing, snowboarding & going on adventures with his family.

Aaron Russ

Aaron is the Youth Pastor at Centerpoint Church, Murrieta.

Damean Easter

Damean is the Young Adults Pastor of North Coast Church, San Diego, CA.
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Jackson Arnett

Jackson studied at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA. He currently serves as the Online Pastor at High Desert Church in Victorville, CA.

Chase Feindel

Chase is the lead pastor at Anthem Church in Vista, CA.
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Pondo Worship Movement

From Running Springs, CA
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