The real heartbeat of Pondo exist in the transformational moments that often go unseen. These transformational moments are the result of a thousand prayers, long hours of serving, and financial gifts that all come together to make Pondo a unique space to encounter Jesus.

Today, we have the honor of sharing with you a story from a youth pastor who tells of how not only was the culture of their youth uniquely united after returning home from camp, but one youth leader’s life was forever changed as well!

We recently brought a group of Jr. High students up to camp and had so many life changing moments, some students gave their lives to Christ for the first time and some and grew that relationship even deeper. We even had a leader have a breakthrough moment in his own life!

Camp allowed our group to bond and connect in such a way that walls came down and they now feel comfortable with one another. This has altered our middle school program at its core, in such a way that they are now such a selfless group, and so welcoming to new students. I think because camp allowed them the space and time to bond, it created a safe feeling in the group dynamics, which makes it easier to be selfless and welcoming.

We have seen this community continue to develop since camp, particularly with the boys in our middle school program, as they encourage each other in scripture and continue to be real with one another. Their small group leader walked away from camp expressing that his world has been altered. He had been going to school for a career without a ton of passion, and seeing these kids on fire for Christ has radically changed his life and has caused him to rethink his life decisions. He has begun asking a lot of questions about what it looks like to pursue a life of ministry rather than just going to events or checking off the serve-at-church box. He wants to pursue ministry with his life, whether that be vocational ministry or just serving and ministering as his filter for everyday life.

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