Hello Pondo Family!!

If you’ve ever been to Pondo you know that we like to SING IT LOUD! We want our love for Jesus to be obvious in how we worship and in everything we do! The Pondo Worship Movement believes that Worship is how we live our lives on and off the stage and that worship is a natural overflow from what the Spirit is doing in our lives.

This Summer we cannot WAIT to sing and shout anthems of God’s goodness and greatness together! We will be singing a LOT of incredible songs and we wanted to share those with you! 

The Movement team has taken the time to put together a playlist on Apple Music and on Spotify for you to enjoy! Please feel free to share, download, and worship along with us, in ADVANCE, with expectant hearts for all God is going to do this Summer!

To Him be all honor, all glory, and all praise, forever and ever, Amen!

– Camp Pondo Team

Click HERE for Apple Music Playlist!

Click HERE for Spotify Playlist!