During this year of challenging circumstances, our team has been powerfully reminded of God’s generous nature. Our attention has been focused on Isaiah 61 where we discover God’s willingness to give a double portion where there once was shame. And amazingly, God has provided just such a blessing to Camp Pondo even in the midst of all the crazy set backs that this year has held.

Because of the generosity of some Gospel Champions, $25,000 in matching gifts has been pledged to Camp Pondo!! That means when you give $100 your gift is DOUBLED to $200!! 


In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Congress enacted several tax law changes for the 2020 tax year in an effort to encourage philanthropy toward nonprofit organizations like Camp Pondo. To learn more CLICK HERE.



Remember, when you give your gift is DOUBLED!!

That means when the thermometer says we’ve raised $25,000, together we have raised $50,000!!

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