What is The Well?

The Well is a gap year experience designed to help young creatives find purpose and joy in pointing others to Christ.

While at The Well, students will have the opportunity to explore and dig deeper into the heart of worship and the passion behind their calling. The Well students will spend intentional time learning how to KNOW God, understand and SHARE their story, and CREATE out of a heart of gratitude and purpose. 

 The Well is a year-long program and is not a replacement for college or seminary. It is designed specifically for musicians and creatives who are ready to take a year to learn and grow in a unique environment and community that college alone would not be able to offer. The Well is designed to give students the opportunity to apply their gifts and talents while sharing the gospel and serving their local community.  

The Well students will be pushed and coached in their craft both musically and creatively while also diving deeper into the reason why they sing and create in the first place—To glorify God.

To express your interest in being a part of The Well, Please fill out the application:


The Pondo Worship Movement Presents the Well