Our Team has been in prayer, asking to see and know God’s design for Camp Pondo in 2022 and going forward. As we have prayed, we have been stirred to reach for more, to go deeper, to abandon the notion of scarcity and believe in the abundant heart of God, and that is why, as we look toward the future we have enthusiastically adopted the motto of… “Let’s Go!”

We are so pumped about what we have seen God do this last year as He has positioned us at the precipice of a new season. 2022 will be Camp Pondo’s 40th anniversary and we believe it is no coincidence that here, at this significant milestone in the history of this ministry, God has stirred up a vision for a new season of expansion and fulfillment.

But it takes faith to believe in the more and to charge forward into a place of abundance when there is a gap between what we see in our future and the resources we currently have. We highly value keeping camp affordable and all inclusive and that means that there is often a financial gap between the cost of running camp and what we actually charge per camper.

It is only because of the generous donations of our Pondo Partners who stand in the gap that we have been able to keep doing what we do, creating a unique space to encounter Jesus—a mission that has impact far into eternity.

As God calls us to expand our ministry into the more, including new annual specialized events, new facets to our programing, and upgrades to our facilities, we know that we cannot take this journey without our Pondo Fam, expanding and linking arms with us, joining us in our mission, and partnering with us to grow our resources.

Would you consider partnering with us as we close out 2021 and plant seeds of prayer and financial resources to invest in the exciting and expanding future for Camp Pondo? It takes support of all kinds to fuel this ministry, and we truly value the Pondo Fam who support us through prayer and generous gifts to make it all happen. We are so honored to partner with you to do work that will matter for all eternity.

And it is out of that heart of overflowing gratitude that we are pumped for the continued growth that is already underway! To everything the future of Camp Pondo will be through God’s design, we say… Lehhhhhs Go!