Camp Pondo will play an important role in the lives of teenagers this winter. We are a community that values people. A student discovers that their value is not based on performance, nor is it based on their appearance, talent or skills. Consequently, they experience the freedom and the joy of being accepted as a person created in the image of God.

This is a wholesome, positive environment in which the love of Jesus is demonstrated in the context of meaningful worship, challenging messages from God’s Word, along with great fun and adventure. In this environment students not only hear and read about loving one another, they experience it.

For thousands of students each year, Camp Pondo is a memory—an experience that will become a significant spiritual milestone in their life. Something that will be said on the tube run or experienced at the snowboard park will impact them so that they want to live differently. They will want to become a better person. Don’t miss this great opportunity!


An EPIC Weekend

EXPERIENTIAL – The sessions emphasize great worship, relevant messages from the Bible, and a unique experiences to help students process and remember what they have learned.

PARTICIPATORY – Whether it’s engaging worship, wacky games on the rec field, tubing or snowboarding, or a quiet walk on the nature trail, students are encouraged to participate rather than spectate.

IMAGE-DRIVEN – Videos, drama sketches, and still images that bring a point to life are thoughtfully woven into all the sessions.

COMMUNITY – Living in a cabin with 10 of their peers and caring counselors will teach lessons and create memories and relationships for students that will last a lifetime.