Evangelical Christ Centered

Various evangelical denominations are represented each year. Rules for acceptance or participations are the same for everyone without regard to religion, race, sex, color or national origin. A Statement of Faith can be seen by clicking HERE. Previous lesson overviews are available upon request.

Counselor Options

How We Do It - Counselor and Camper

Camp Pondo is honored to serve you and your students by either providing you with staff counselors or allowing you to provide your own counselors.  We understand the value of both scenarios depending upon your ministry context and want to assume a posture of flexibility in providing a summer camp program that meets your needs as a leader of this generation of students.  So, you make the call and we’ll partner together with you in creating an unbelievable camp experience for your students.  And we’ll continue with the tradition of granting you a FREE church counselor with every 10 students who attend summer camp with a minimum of two FREE church counselors for each group.

Education Method

How We Do It - Bible StudyEach day counselors and staff will use the morning buzz groups, teachable moments, team competition, skits and campfires to help each camper discover and apply the principles inherent in the lessons. Couple that with great worship and relevant messages from the speaker, and you have the makings of a fantastic learning and growing experience.

Criteria for Staff Selection

We look for staff members who have the highest integrity, personal and spiritual maturity, genuine caring and an infectious enthusiasm for life. The backbone of an effective camping experience is the relationship between a camper and these role models. And we take that responsibility very seriously!

Hiring Procedures

How We Do It - Female CamperWe have labored to guarantee the finest full-time professional summer staff possible.  College students, schoolteachers, medical professionals, trained activity instructors, and other caring adults make up our team. Every employee is carefully screened with character references, history checks, past employer references, a criminal background check, and in-depth application and interview. Once they are accepted, they undergo 40 hours of intensive training to prepare they for a summer that is sometimes as life changing for them as it is for the students they are with.

Hang Time

How We Do It - Skate ParkScreaming down the Zip Line, hitting a bulls-eye at the Archery Range, learning new tricks at the Skate Park, conquering the trail on a Mountain Bike, plunging down our 100' water slide, or just lounging by the pool—just some of the many free time options available at Pondo. Better yet, how about a quiet walk along our beautiful nature trail, or hanging out with old friends and new at the snack shop. You can even relax with a fun game of horseshoes, crafts, volleyball, basketball, foosball, frisbee golf—you get the idea—more things to do than you could ever get to in one week. And if none of these float your boat, one of the all-time favorites is still an option—a nap!

Team Competition

How We Do It - Counselors CallingNothing provides teachable moments at Ponderosa Pines better than team competition. When students are placed in an environment where they must work together to be successful, you have the makings of a great learning experience. And besides that, we have a rippin’ good time in the process. Whether it’s the classics like Kajabe Can-Can or Soccer in the Dark, or brand new experiences—fun, teamwork, spirit, winning and losing are all what makes team competition at Ponderosa Pines a memorable experience.

An EPIC Week

EXPERIENTIAL – The nightly sessions emphasize great worship, relevant messages from the Bible, and unique experiences to help students process and remember what they have learned.

PARTICIPATORY – Whether it’s engaging worship, wacky games on the rec field, Buzz Groups, or a quiet walk on the nature trail, students are encouraged to participate rather than spectate.

IMAGE-DRIVEN – Videos, drama sketches, and still images that bring a point to life are thoughtfully woven into all the sessions.

COMMUNITY – Living in a cabin with 10 of their peers and caring counselors will teach lessons and create memories and relationships for students that will last a lifetime.