The Story

As we sat outside of chapel a couple of summers ago our hearts began to break.  There were campers scattered around the back doors of our current chapel. These kids came to camp looking to experience God and we could not figure a way to get them inside the building!  That’s when God began to give us a vision for The Barn.

In previous generations the barn symbolized life, mostly because it was a storehouse for winter grain. But, in reality, nearly everything you needed to sustain this life was found in the barn. It was a place of protection for the cows and horses and a place to find the necessary tools of the farm.

Friends, we know that we have all we need in Jesus, to sustain this physical life and the eternal one to come! Many of our students don’t understand that yet.  They are coming to camp empty and searching!

We don’t have enough space in our current chapel for everyone to come in, sit for a spell, and gaze into the face of Jesus.  Many are literally waiting outside our ‘barn’, peeking in through the doors and windows, trying desperately to get a glimpse of Jesus. Will you help us? 



Tommy from Dexterous Brand Marketing on Vimeo.