Give to camp Pondo

Christian camps like Camp Pondo need several things
in order to thrive as a ministry.

• They need a staff and board of directors who are commmitted to the vision of the ministry.
• They need campers who are experiencing genuine life change when they attend.
• They need a place that provides a unique setting for ministry.
• They need money.

The fact is, Christian camps simply can't charge enough in the way of fees to continue expanding and growing.  They need special people, spiritually gifted by God to be a source of resources in order to build buildings, improve programs, provide scholarships, and continually answer the call of God to provide "a unique place to encounter Jesus."

Are you one of those spiritually gifted and abundantly blessed people who feels called by God to come alongside Camp Pondo with financial support?  Remember, Camp Pondo is not a church - we are a para church ministry.  Your tithe should go to your local church.  Anything you do for Camp Pondo should be above and beyond your tithe to the local church.

If you have questions about giving to Pondo or would like to discuss specific projects that are on the drawing board, please call Dan Skipper at (909) 867-7037 or email him at

You can use the form below to submit your gift electronically by credit card or eCheck (bank account withdrawal), or mail your gift to:

Camp Pondo
PO Box 1247
Runnings Springs, CA 92382-1247

Camp Pondo is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  All gifts are tax deductible.