Thousands of Students
come to pondo every year!

These students are given the space away from their normal routines, pressures, and distractions to simply seek God, ask hard questions, process real emotions, and build true friendships. Everything we do at camp, from the meals, to the team competitions, to the worship sessions is intentionally aimed at creating a unique space to encounter Jesus.

We want every student to feel valued and included, that is why we prioritize keeping the cost of camp affordable and all-inclusive. That means no activities cost extra once they get here!

But here's the thing...

Our affordable, all-inclusive pricing means that a gap exists between what it cost for a
student to attend camp and the actual camper price.

Gospel Driven
Crazy Fun
Gospel Champions
Are our Pondo Partners who help close that financial gap

That is why our Pondo Partners who invest in the Kingdom work done here through regular giving make it possible for Camp Pondo to keep growing, running well, and remaining affordable so that each and every student can have the opportunity to come to camp. Our desire is that a student would never have to miss out on a camp experience because of financial reasons. 

We value your investment in this ministry and want to partner with you to see every vision of God fulfilled for this place. Our team is being stirred to dream of a deeper, further reach for the ministry of Camp Pondo, but we can’t do it without the partnership of our Pondo Fam.

Thank you for partnering with us for the advancement of the Gospel. Give Now!